Vitamin C Communications is a full-service marketing & events firm, who continues to break barriers in the event industry in South Florida. The company was named after the essential Vitamin C, as a metaphoric representation for the creative management we provide – We are, “Your Daily Dose of Marketing”. We aim to successfully grow and develop events, brands, and businesses. 2015 is here, and the opportunities are endless for Vitamin C, as we are expanding our products for the first time throughout the United States. Vitamin C specializes in brand development, brand & marketing consulting, product launches, lifestyle event production, event marketing, online and email marketing, and social media management. All of our marketing is done in-house, using strong viral programs while keeping traditional grass roots tactics. We have an extensive and diversified portfolio as we aim to perfect our small, and large-scale events, as well as client brands by developing comprehensive marketing strategies and tactics.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring our clients are happy by creating uniquely tailored marketing strategies, from event production, to online marketing plans, and viral & grass root promotions. We utilize our large network of contacts and affiliates to connect our clients from a wide range of industries to the mass consumer market. Whether you need a professional consultation, marketing campaign, or social media management, we aim to please and ultimately help you grow your business. Vitamin C holds themselves to being innovative, creative, and bringing every vision to life; allowing us to execute an unforgettable experience not just for our clients, but also the consumer base as well.

So after introducing ourselves we have to ask, Have you had your daily dose?

Angel Sanchez – Founder

“Winning is not a virtue. Winning is not a right that is bestowed on the talented. Real winners don’t care about money or fame. They win because when they wake up every morning, they make a promise to themselves to be better than they were the day before, to work harder, to learn more, and to challenge themselves to reach higher and higher levels of success.”