Hanbell Precise Machinery Co., Ltd. launched a new series of ABD-Y two-stage horizontal tandem air compressor

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In response to the direction of national energy conservation and emission reduction, Hanbell  launched a new series of ABD-Y two-stage horizontal tandem air compressors.

This product gives consideration to both performance and cost. It not only solves the problem that single stage compressor cannot pass the first stage energy efficiency of frequency conversion, but also solves the problem of high cost of standard two-stage gear machine. Our service is not only the air end, but also our pursuit of high quality and responsibility for customers.

It has always been Hanbell's goal to think about customers' needs, understand customers' needs, and provide customers with products of higher quality, competitiveness, and incremental value.

The whole series exceeds the first level energy efficiency of GB19153-2019 by 10%~15%, meeting the national new energy saving requirements.

 1、 Product features:

 1. High efficiency and energy conservation

 Adopt efficient energy-saving two-stage compression technology to effectively reduce the compression ratio of each stage, reduce backflow leakage and improve volumetric efficiency; It is also equipped with IE5 high efficiency permanent magnet motor. The motor and the male rotor adopt embedded integrated shaft direct connection structure, with 100% transmission efficiency. The whole series exceeds the first level energy efficiency of GB19153-2019 by 10%~15%.

 2. Optimize the structure

The two-stage rotors are arranged in horizontal series and connected by a pair of gear pairs. They are compact in structure and small in size, effectively reducing the overall height and saving the overall cost.

 3. High cost performance

 Compared with the standard gear engine, the two-stage horizontal series engine has a lower cost of 10%~15% and is more competitive.

 4. Convenient maintenance

 Wide speed regulation range, 30%~100% of motor frequency conversion range can be achieved; The two-level host is modularized and easy to maintain and replace.

 5. Low noise

 The rotor is manufactured with processing equipment imported from Germany, and tested with three dimensional measuring bed to ensure the dimensional accuracy of parts; Optimize gear design, reduce gear vibration, and ensure low noise and high stability of the host.