Cooperation between Schools and Hanbell

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Based on the development needs of the company, to help employees improve their skills, enhance their comprehensive quality, and ensure product quality and safe production, Zhejiang Hanson Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghai Hanbell Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., cooperates with Pinghu Technical College to jointly cultivate our skilled personnel with the help of advanced professional equipment and strong teachers.


According to the actual situation of the company, 47 employees applied for intermediate worker training in this period, including 19 CNC lathe workers and 28 machining centers (milling workers). The whole training lasts for two months. The theoretical courses are taught on site by the enterprise under the teacher, and the practical courses are taught by the students in the school's training base. Under the careful guidance of the teachers in the school, the students not only enriched their theoretical knowledge, but also greatly improved their practical level through two months of study.


On October 31, in the public training base for highly skilled talents of Pinghu Technical College, the students welcomed the practical examination of this training, and all 47 employees passed this training. In November and June, a theoretical examination was conducted. Ten students passed the theoretical examination of CNC lathe workers, 22 students passed the theoretical examination of machining centers (milling), and a total of 32 students passed the practical and theoretical examinations to obtain intermediate certificates of vocational skills.


Next, Hanson will further deepen the cooperation with the Technical College, make joint efforts to cultivate high-quality manufacturing talents, explore a joint training mechanism, and realize the complementary advantages and mutual use of resources between the two sides.